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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vimi Joshi Tells us How to Get the Bollywood Look

Bollywood is all about drama and color and the vibrant make-up looks never fail to dazzle and amaze. If you love the flawless beauty of Bollywood’s leading actresses, why not bring a touch of Bollywood glamour to your makeup regimen? To help translate the vibrant Bollywood face to everyday, we’ve enlisted Vimi Joshi, Senior Makeup Artist for M.A.C in India to give us some insider tips on how to get the look without going overboard.

“This look takes Bollywood Blue to the extreme,” says Joshi. The heart of any Bollywood look is in the eyes and this is no exception. The drama here comes from the moody blue eyes highlighted with sparkly gold shadow. As is often the case, the makeup is directly inspired by the clothing and jewelery. The key to translating this look to the real world is to simplify.

Bollywood skin is flawless so start with a good foundation/tinted moisturizer (M.A.C Select Tint). “For this look create a beautiful bronze skin tone (M.A.C Powder Bronzer) and define cheekbones with a warm peachy blush (M.A.C Melba Powder Blush),” says Joshi.

The best way to approach this look is to think of it as a smokey eye using blue instead of black or grey. Remember, it can be easy to get carried away so build the color gradually—a little goes a long way and you don’t need a lot of shadow to capture the essence of this look. Give your eyes a little extra glimmer with a touch of gold shadow dotted on the inside corners of the eyes.
Vimi's Recs: M.A.C Electric Eel Eye Shadow; M.A.C Plumage Eyeshadow; M.A.C Gorgeous Gold; M.A.C Auto De Blue Technakohl Liner

The lips here are intense and red but in real life, if you have a smokey blue eye, the last thing you want to do is create an equally strong lip. Go instead for a nude, peachy gloss (M.A.C Love Nectar Lustreglass) to create a lip that’s subtle but full.

The emphasis here is on the eyes (again!) but instead of being moody and smoldering, this look is young, fresh and sweet. Want to carry your Bollywood look into the spring season but aren’t sure how (or even if) it can be done? Vimi Joshi shows us how.

Instead of glowing, bronzed skin, this look calls for porcelain perfection. Use a good foundation (M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation) and concealer (M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer) to cover up any blemishes and a pressed powder (M.A.C Select Sheer Pressed Powder) to eliminate shine. For the cheeks, the look is less sculpted sophistication, more blushing bride. Apply a pretty pink blush (M.A.C Pink Swoon Powder Blush) to the apples of the cheeks to help create a fresh, youthful face.

The eyes here are lit up with the colors of Bollywood and heavily lined. “Bring this look into every day by using a green toned eyeliner (M.A.C Jade Way Technakohl Liner) to define the under eyes and a wash of pink eye shadow (M.A.C Pink Venus Eye Shadow) on the lids,” says Joshi. Accentuate the look using black gel liner (M.A.C Black Track Fluidline) along the lash line. Finish with a generous application of mascara (M.A.C Pro Lash Mascara).

This look is a celebration of youthfulness, spring and fresh-faced beauty. Capture the essence of spring renewal with the subtle shine of a pretty pink lip gloss (M.A.C Lust Tinted Lipglass). Add a dot of shimmer to the center of the lip to plump them up and capture the light.

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